Are your clients businesses?

If your customers are businesses or professionals, welcome to Hamlet: your business-to-business communication partner.

Clients Presentation

Some of the companies that have used Hamlet to communicate with professional publics

Open doors and arrange meetings for your sales people. Maximise the potential of your distribution process. Retain customers. Motivate your employees and sales force. All this is easier when your communication is focused and carries high impact.

Communicating with businesses and professionals is for experts

Marketing to business decision makers is often not that different from communicating with consumers. It requires strong brands, clear positioning and compelling messages.

Brochura de apoio às apresentações comerciais de IT Contracting da Novabase
To promote IT Contracting at Novabase, Hamlet developed a more effective alternative to the classic “corporate brochure” – giving client presentations a more memorable and lasting impact.

From then on, everything is different: the professional decision maker has other motivations, other decision processes, another way to analyse the information. Hamlet knows that the typical communication aimed at consumers (spending fortunes on advertising for example) rarely works when it comes to communicating with professional decision-makers.

Moreover, even if your business is about selling to the consumer, good business-to-business communication is still fundamental. To win the support of your distribution. To motivate commercial agents. To receive good references from journalists and other opinion leaders.

Many ways to get to a business customer

After analysing your market, the structure of your clients, the chains of influence and decision, Hamlet formulates strategies that can combine a number of instruments: from direct marketing to events, from webmarketing to advertising, from public relations to customer loyalty. Always looking for the greatest return on your investment.

With a lean and agile structure, Hamlet gives you direct access to who is heading your projects. And cooperates with an extensive range of partners to guarantee the maximum response in any communication action.
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