The work with Hamlet, in terms of conception and production of the company magazine, has been increasingly fruitful.

I particularly like the attitude of responsibility that is shown in Hamlet’s work and the concern to remain faithful to a project that was born with a lot of dedication and commitment and in which one believes.

It is a planned and organised job. There is a lot of professionalism and practicality on the part of the Hamlet team and the combination of these two variables allows for a very positive end result.”

Octávia Carrilho General secretary ANA Airports Portugal
Hamlet has developed a welcome kit with everything the new ANA Aeroportos employee needs to feel at home from day one.
We also created (together with the company's internal team) this campaign that made employees aware of the advantages of some new technologies.
Another project we developed for ANA was the magazine "A Magazine", aimed at employees, customers, partners and other company stakeholders.