Hamlet’s entry in ANA coincides with and follows the will to make a necessary leap in terms of communication effectiveness in the Company!

Its great professionalism and experience and the commitment in the integration with the ANA team has resulted in a very positive work that translates into a Company Magazine and in communication campaign projects that have reached the objectives with a high quality!”vv

José Heitor da Fonseca Board of Directors ANA Aeroportos de Portugal
A Hamlet desenvolveu um welcome kit com tudo o que o novo coHamlet developed a welcome kit with everything the new ANA Airports employee needs to feel at home from the very first day.aborador da ANA Aeroportos precisa para se sentir em casa desde o primeiro dia.
We also created (together with the company's internal team) this campaign that made employees aware of the advantages of some new technologies.
Another project we developed for ANA was the magazine "A Magazine", directed to employees, customers, partners and other stakeholders of the company.