A Magazine - ANA Aeroportos de Portugal's Institutional Magazine

Aimed at employees as well as customers, partners and other stakeholders, the A Magazine, the institutional magazine of ANA Aeroportos de Portugal, was born in 2008 as part of the rejuvenation of the company’s brand and communication.

Hamlet conceived the magazine project and participated in the elaboration of each issue from the definition of the contents, which had to be in sync with ANA’s strategic, marketing and communication objectives.

In the magazine’s October 2008 reader satisfaction survey (also conducted by Hamlet), the magazine received extremely positive evaluations, with approval averages always above 90%. For example, 96.8% of the participants stated that the magazine interests them. The graphic line is appealing to 95.5%, and 95.1% said they always read A Magazine.

The following year’s survey showed that the appreciation of the magazine remains largely positive: 92.2% of readers found the graphic line appealing, 93.5% are satisfied with the language and style of the magazine, 91.7% approve of the choice of topics, and 93% find the magazine generally interesting, while only 10% say they hardly ever or rarely read the publication. Although the magazine is free, readers have given a particularly clear signal of the value they place on it: 72.4% would be willing, if appropriate, to pay for it.

In 2011, the institutional magazine of ANA Aeroportos de Portugal was a finalist in the “Editorial Initiative” category of the Observatory Award for Internal Communication and Corporate Identity (OCI). The I Edition of the 2010 OCI Award, promoted by the Inforpress Group, Católica University and Executive Digest, aimed to reward the best of Portuguese internal communication.


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