"To begin with, everything.": this is how Novabase attracts the best

Portuguese leader in information technology-based business solutions, the Novabase constantly needs to recruit new talent. But they can’t be just any candidates: they have to be the best graduates from engineering and management courses.

It was with them in mind that Novabase created the Novabase Academy, an annual initiative that provided newcomers with an exciting way to join the company. The program included an initial training in a boarding school regime and also offered the best ones a study trip that in 2009 included visits to Google and New York.

Invited to propose the best way to communicate the initiative, Hamlet started by isolating the most relevant message to the students. Hence the chosen focus: the difficulty of choosing. The best ones do not lack options. Many are torn between working in the country or making a career abroad; between choosing a Portuguese company or a big multinational firm; between investing a little more in their own training or accepting a “real” job right away.

The rationale of the campaign, consisting of press ads, posters, banners, a microsite and pieces for distribution in universities, was very direct: Novabase has everything to put an end to all hesitation. It is a Portuguese company, but it has international dimension. It has dimension, but it encourages and practices entrepreneurship. It is the best choice both for those who want to learn a little more and for those who want to launch themselves headlong into professional life.

Or, in the words of the campaign, “Novabase Academy. To get started, everything.”

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