ANA - Campaign to reduce CO2 emissions

In recent years ANA Aeroportos de Portugal has developed a Voluntary Carbon Management project, aimed at reducing the impact of the activity of its airports on climate change.

The project included the calculation of the Carbon Footprint and the definition of a policy and action plan to reduce it.

It was in this context that the company decided to create a communication campaign aimed at its employees and also at external stakeholders: airlines, passengers, cargo operators, non-aviation clients, partners, suppliers and the general public. The objective was not only to publicize the project but also to encourage the target audience to contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases by adopting environmentally friendly behaviors.

The way the campaign was developed is one of Hamlet’s operating models, able to adapt according to the different requirements of each client. In this case, the creativity of the campaign is a joint work with the client itself, whose designers sign the layout of the pieces.


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