E-motion: a free magazine that no one would mind paying for.

Novabase’s 20 years were marked by the renewal of its institutional magazine – e-motion. Carried out by Hamlet, the reformulation – which, coincidentally, happened precisely in the 20th issue – gave the publication a fresher design, more appealing images and a content that, without losing rigor, began to be treated in a more interesting and attractive way.

For a company such as Novabase, which communicates with various groups of stakeholders, a magazine was a valuable means of regularly transmitting messages and points of view capable of making its image better known and clearer.

Aimed at employees, customers, partners, shareholders and opinion leaders, e-motion was designed to reinforce the brand’s reputation and prestige, stimulate the internal sharing of information and ideas, and publicize the company’s services and successes. It also aimed to give visibility to the people who make it up, highlighting their competence and positioning them as opinion leaders.

With the “new” e-motion, we tried to make a magazine as interesting to its audience as any similar one sold on newsstands. Although free, we wanted it to be a magazine that the reader would not mind paying for.

Given that we were talking to different professional areas, different age levels, different functional positions and degrees of relationship with the company, we avoided an overly specialized or “insider” approach, preferring an accessible and interesting treatment for both “insiders” and the lay reader.

Likewise, the graphic project was designed to serve the pleasure of reading. Clean and contemporary, it sought to give maximum readability to the texts and maximum use to the images. The choice of a palette in which blue is dominant reflected, on the one hand, the personality of a company in which sobriety is not synonymous with formality. On the other hand, it allowed to take advantage of images that with some frequency, by the very nature of the treated subjects, could be abstract.

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