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What’s the purpose of communication if it doesn’t help you sell?

Marketing and communication should be seen as sales boosters. That’s the only way communication will stop being just cost and become a real investment.

Cargo-Logistics Portugal | Transportes-Hoje-TEMA-APara apresentar ao mercado a marca Cargo-Logistics Portugal, a CP Carga S.A. seleccionou a estratégia de comunicação e a campanha desenvolvidas pela Hamlet

But “selling” is a chain with many links. Final buyers, prescribers, influencers, gatekeepers – each one has a specific function. Only by knowing those functions will we know what the communication’s goal is and how it should be reached.

Specializing in B2B marketing, Hamlet knows what distinguishes B2B decision-makers and how to influence them. That allows us to adjust the messages and contact strategies to the specific business-to-business steps of decision making.

On the other hand, looking at business communication as an investment that must pay off keeps us focused on results. Be it the response rate, the increase in distribution, the increase in sales and market quota – or any other concrete and measurable results that your company wants to achieve.

Snock - Reestruturação e rebranding da gama de produtos
Para dar suporte à conquista de distribuição para a marca Snock, a Hamlet apoiou-a na reestruturação e design da sua gama de produtos, no planeamento de acções promocionais e no desenvolvimento de parcerias. Entre 2006 e 2007, a marca entrou nas principais cadeias e cresceu mais de 40% em vendas, com um aumento de mais de 20% no preço.

If what you expect from your communication and marketing agency are concrete and measurable results, don’t wait more. Call 21 363 6152 and schedule a meeting with Hamlet.

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