As a business-to-business marketing communication company – Hamlet knows how to secure returns on your investment in communication.

A Magazine - Comunicação institucional da ANA Aeroportos de Portugal, desenvolvida pela Hamlet

Institutional magazines – such as A Magazine from ANA Aeroportos de Portugal – are one of the B2B communication tools developed by Hamlet.

Selling to a housewife and selling to a company is not the same thing. The decision process is not the same. The decision criteria are different. The best channels of communication to reach the decision maker are totally different.
Understanding the mechanisms companies and professionals use to take decisions, Hamlet helps you choose and apply the most appropriate communication tool to attain your objectives. It can range from a simple email to a more efficient use of your website, direct marketing campaigns, promotions, events and advertising.

The sale is just the last step

If your customers are businesses or professionals, Hamlet is the right partner for winning them over and retaining them. However, if your business is about selling to the consumer, Hamlet helps you with everything leading up to that final sale. Finding space in distribution, for example, is a typical challenge for many companies – and one for which good business to business communication is essential.

But Hamlet also helps you recruit employees and motivate sales forces. Catch journalists’ attention, seduce partners and investors, give more impact to your presentation meetings as well as visibility to your specialists and managers.

When you need to to talk to businesses and professionals, talk to Hamlet first.

Snock - Reestruturação e rebranding da gama de produtos
To help the Snock brand achieve distribution, Hamlet gave support to the restructuring and design of its product range, to the planning of promotional activities and the development of partnerships. Between 2006 and 2007, the brand entered the main Portuguese distribution chains and grew over 40% in sales accompanied by an increase of more than 20% in price.

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