ANA Portuguese Airports

“Very professional and pragmatic”

Imagem A MagazineOctávia Carrilho, Secretary General of ANA Aeroportos de Portugal, evaluates the work of Hamlet:

“Working with Hamlet, in the design and production of the company magazine, has proved increasingly fruitful.

I particularly like the attitude of responsibility demonstrated in the work of Hamlet and the concern to remain faithful to a project that was born with great dedication and commitment and in which we believe strongly.

Their method is planned and organised. The team at Hamlet demonstrate great professionalism and pragmatism, and the combination of these two variables achieves a very positive outcome.“


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“Strategy and responsiveness”
Rui Lucena, Director of Marketing for CP Carga, evaluates the work of Hamlet:

“Hamlet has supported CP Carga in its company communication and that of commercial brand Cargo-Logistics Portugal. The work of Hamlet always has a solid strategic base, which shows a great understanding of the specific challenges of the business-to-business market, where CP Carga operates.

Hamlet also demonstrates creativity tailored to objectives and focussed on results. With good responsiveness in various fields – advertising, direct mail, design, internal communication content… – Hamlet is a partner that has earned our growing trust, and that surprises us with every action / initiative developed!”


“Celerityand professionalism”
Marta Anahory, responsible for Internal Communications & B2B Sales Support at Prosegur, evaluates the work of Hamlet:

“We reiterate our satisfaction in having worked with Hamlet in the latest edition of our internal magazine, a process during which they always responded to our requests quickly and with great professionalism.”


“The ideal partner”
Paulo Rosa, Country Manager Vexcorp Portugal, assesses the contribution of Hamlet in the company’s launch strategy for the Portuguese market:

“Vexcorp wants to consolidate its activity in Portugal and saw in Hamlet the ideal partner to help create a strategy to allow us compete in the disputed Portuguese wi-fi market.

Hamlet found an angle of approach to the Portuguese market that takes advantage of Vexcorp’s capacity in Latin America and Brazil, where we are leaders, opening our eyes to a segment of corporate and individual customers whom we had not initially considered for the European market.

We see in Hamlet the strategic, creative and implementational capacity to help us develop proposals tailored to the Portuguese companies that can benefit from this service, establishing Vexcorp as a major player in the Portuguese telecommunications market.”


“Proactivity and rigour”
António Varela Afonso, Chairman of the Board of Directors of CA Seguros, comments on the performance of Hamlet in promoting the company’s certification process:

“In the first project developed for CA Seguros, Hamlet showed great understanding of our communication needs. With a proactive and rigorous attitude, they developed the brief by extracting from us the relevant information. The result was beyond our expectations.

CA Seguros chose Hamlet for having presented an internal communications project that was well structured and very appealing in terms of image, with content perfectly suited to the proposed objective and budget, and with a perspective of continuity throughout the period of project development.

Hamlet’s communication proposal contributed decisively to the enthusiasm of our teams in launching the project. The work continues to be appreciated, as evidenced by the fact that employees have kept the pieces on display at their workplaces.”


“Perfectionism and creativity”
Cristina Aragão Teixeira, Director of Marketing and Communications at Novabase, evaluates the work of Hamlet:

“Working with Hamlet has been a very positive experience. Especially because they always manage to surprise, or nearly always, especially when it comes to creativity. They study the briefing and propose something unexpected. Sometimes at first it seems odd, then you love it.

I particularly appreciate how demanding they are when analysing the briefing: They drill the client with questions and want to understand everything. I also appreciate the quality of the texts, which is one of Hamlet’s distinguishing assets, along with their perfectionism in the execution of their work.

I have no hesitation in recommending the services of Hamlet in marketing communications.”


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